Postdoctoral Fellows

Sarah Eason, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am interested in how social contexts relate to children’s cognitive development, such as the domain of math learning. A particular interest is how experiences in the home environment and interactions with parents contribute to children’s early math learning. Consequently, much of my research focuses on what types of experiences and interactions in the home are most conducive to increasing children’s math knowledge, and how this might vary depending on individual characteristics and sociocultural factors. Furthermore, the research I am involved in seeks to examine the best ways to guide parents and caregivers to increase the quantity and quality of math-related talk when engaging with young children. An additional line of research examines the relations between executive function and children’s current math skills as well as their capacity for learning from math activities.

Michelle Hurst

Postdoctoral Fellow

I’m interested in children’s learning of proportional information, including ratio, probability, and formal fractions and decimals. I am particularly interested in children’s early developing intuitions about these concepts and how they interact with other domains of math including number, counting, and measurement. I am also interested in the roles of multiple representations (e.g., fractions, decimals, number lines, pie charts, percent, etc.) and other abilities and skills outside of math (e.g., language, analogical reasoning) in children’s developing understanding of proportion. 

Talia Berkowitz

Postdoctoral Fellow

I am interested in children's early understanding of numbers, specifically as it relates to early math education. I am currently exploring various instructional strategies that can be used to teach preschool children number concepts, and ways that technology can be incorporated into the home to help improve students' math attitudes and achievement.