Graduate Students

Talia Berkowitz

PhD Student

I am interested in children's early understanding of numbers, specifically as it relates to early math education. I am currently exploring various instructional strategies that can be used to teach preschool children number concepts, and ways that technology can be incorporated into the home to help improve students' math attitudes and achievement. 


Jalisha Braxton

PhD Student

I am interested in how children's attitudes about math influence their math learning and performance. I am also interested in the role of executive functions in early math learning. I am currently exploring how anxiety, uncertainty, and stereotypes about math impact the decisions children make when learning.

Cristina Carrazza

PhD Student

I am interested in how children construct knowledge from their learning experiences. What malleable factors in the early learning environment influence understanding and future academic achievement?  Currently, I am assessing how small variations in counting practice affect children’s development of number concepts. 

Dominic Gibson

PhD Student

I am primarily interested in studying how children learn, both in an effort to better understand how the mind works and as a means of improving early education. What mental constraints and mechanisms drive learning? What role do structures in language play? To begin to answer these questions, I am currently focusing on how children learn number words and ultimately develop an understanding of the symbolic number system.  

Julianne Herts

Phd Student

I am interested in the way that classroom instruction interacts with students’ knowledge and attitudes about math to influence learning outcomes. Currently, I am investigating the effects of factors such as anxiety, gender, and socio-economic status on math learning and test performance.

Maddy Oswald

PhD Student

I am interested in how children learn their first number words. I'm currently exploring how syntactic cues facilitate the mapping of quantity words onto number concepts and how further language experience strengthens these concepts.

Nancy Pantoja

PhD Student

I am interested in how interactions with parents and teachers affect children's math attitudes and math performance. Currently, I am exploring how parents' early number talk and math attitudes affect children's math performance, and how these effects differ in contexts of socioeconomic status.


Marjorie Schaeffer

PhD Student

I am interested in the role parents and teachers play in the development of math knowledge and  attitudes. I am currently exploring the mechanism by which parents' attitudes and beliefs influence children's math attitudes and achievement.