For Students

Opportunities for Potential Graduate Students:

For more information about graduate programs at the University of Chicago, please visit the Psychology Department page.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students:

Every quarter, the Cognitive Development Lab offers opportunities for undergraduates at the University of Chicago to get involved in research.  Our undergraduate research assistants work on a volunteer basis, as work-study students, or for class credit.  Certain studies also offer part-time job opportunities to conduct research in local schools.

Undergraduate research assistants work under a variety of capacities, depending on the study and previous lab experience.  Responsibilities may include subject recruitment, transcription and coding, running lab participants, interacting with families, data entry, creating stimuli, and day-to-day office tasks.  Typically, our undergraduates get to pick their own schedules for a total of 8-10 hours each week.  Undergraduates are involved in many aspects of research, from the initial groundwork to collecting data and analyzing results.

Please contact  for more information.